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Flexible hours, getting paid on the spot, and unlimited career potential are just the beginning!

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Welcome to my Boutique!!! I am happy to serve all your style needs by helping you find a core closet concept with the driving force being your accessorizes to elevate your style and expand your wardrobe! When you define your style....getting ready becomes FUN again!!

I first heard about Premier in a time in my life where our family had growing budget needs: kids braces, car insurance, college. I liked jewelry and fashion, yet was all over the place with it, had never attended a "party," and had some misconceptions about them. But, I knew that we had an income need so that I could continue to be home. So in January 2009 I said yes to Premier Designs Jewelry! So whether you are looking for something fun to do with your girlfriends, want to elevate your style or need to earn additional income for your family, allow me to serve you!

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Founded on Biblical principles, Premier Designs is intentional about honoring God, enriching lives, and serving others. We believe people are our most important asset, and since 1985 we've placed individuals before profits. If you're looking for a different kind of company, consider Premier.

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