Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur

At DVTD®, we’re passionate about creating a marketplace with a mission. And we believe the entrepreneurial spirit is foundational when it comes to solving some of the world’s biggest challenges. In fact, we go out of our way to reward anyone who helps us bring our mission to life.

This is where you come in!

As an Affiliate, you can introduce others to the DVTD mission and shopping experience, and earn commissions on those sales when you do!

Chalisa Hagan


Join My Team!

Could you use some extra income & something fun to do? A side hustle to add some extra income to your life and that of your family? Why not get some more information about how to start earning money as a DVTD® affiliate TODAY?! Do this business for yourself but never by yourself. Work from home, anywhere and everywhere with the ease of a laptop, cellphone, and teach others to shop & share away! Your goals can become a reality! I'm here and ready to help you get started on your DVTD® journey. My team needs amazing people just like YOU!

Start Retailing

You’ll earn at least 25% on anything your customers purchase in the DVTD marketplace.* We’ll create a website just for you where they can shop anytime!

Build a Team

Interested in earning more income? Refer others to become Affiliates, and you’ll earn an extra 5-7.5% on their purchases and their customers’ purchases.

Go Above & Beyond

On top of your sales and team commissions, you can also tap into our Affiliate Recognition program and earn free products, trips, and other prizes and bonuses.

Personal Online Store

In just minutes, you can set up your website with a photo and customized message and start sharing your own DVTD store immediately!

Online or In Person

Whether you want to casually mention the products on social media, meet up with some friends in person or even host a Home Show event, we make it easy to show, share and sell products in the marketplace with your connections.

Affiliate Perks

As an Affiliate, you can also purchase your own products for 25% off the retail price.* The more you personally use the products in your everyday life, the more people will notice and want to know more.

Ready to live a life that's fully devoted?


Check out our Opportunity Guide for a quick look at our Affiliate Overview Program. Talk to your Affiliate for details.


Getting Started is Simple


Become an Affiliate for only $95 per year. Start sharing immediately and earn your first commissions right away with 25% off all orders. Plus, new Affiliates get an ADDITIONAL one-time discount of 50% on their first personal order after enrolling!*


*Affiliates earn 50% retail commissions on sales of Premier Designs jewelry. Affiliate cost on Premier Designs jewelry is always 50% off of retail.